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What are the Research Roles and Responsibilities documents?

All members of the Northwestern University research community are responsible for upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct as defined in our University policies, procedures and guidelines and sponsoring agency policies and regulations.

The goal of these Research Roles and Responsibilities documents is to provide an overview of the duties of key individuals that conduct or support research activities at Northwestern University.

Choose the title below for more information about each role.

Principal Investigator

Has the authority and responsibility to direct the research project or program.

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Administrative Research Personnel

Supports PI to administer research operational, financial and business functions.

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Technical Research Personnel

Supports PI by performing research activities, including design, execution and management of lab activities.

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Oversees faculty and administrative staff in research mission of the department, center or institute.

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Manages research enterprise within the school.

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Vice President for Research

Directs and guides the University's research mission, contributing to the national research agenda and policies.

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